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1 week ago
Professor position in Evolutionary Botany at @univienna! Work right next to botanical garden, and Belvedere Palace (see Klimt and Schiele in your lunch break). Two tram stops from @gmivienna @viennabiocenter. Apply by September 23.
2 weeks ago
We are still open for abstracts - dealing eg with light perception in #root, methods to grow #roots in darkness, #rootphenotyping, #CellBiology in #droot - minireviews and reviews are welcome - please RT and contact us for feedback if lockdown delays you
2 weeks ago
The story on expansin-regulated root growth seems to be a bit more complex than thought before. Expansin-controlled cell wall stiffness regulates root growth in Arabidopsis
2 weeks ago
The @COST_PlantEd brings together >330 experts from 36 countries who aim to advance the technical aspects and policy considerations that surround the effective use of plant genome editing.
Our activities are showcased in three short videos ->
VBCF_PlantS photo
4 weeks ago
Slowly going back to “new-normality” together with @dr_borg Berger group @gmivienna @viennabiocenter switching gears after his recent work on plant epigenetic memory with some high-throughput #PlantPhenotyping #arabidopsis
1 month ago
Two weeks left to apply for a 3-year postdoc fellowship in the labs of Frédéric Berger, @PlantoPhagy, Liam Dolan, Arturo Marí-Ordóñez, @magnusnordborg, or @dendrogenomics, plus many other labs at our @viennabiocenter neighbors @IMBA_Vienna @MaxPerutzLabs @IMPvienna !