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1 month ago
Today at the @panacea_h2020 & Magic value chain event: Our #bioresAT colleague Claudia Jonak is presenting @UNTWIST_H2020, a project that tries to Uncover and Promote #Tolerance to Temperature and Water Stress in #Camelina sativa. VBCF_PlantS photo
2 months ago
We received today the #3Dprinted #Rhizobox vers3. Ethan an the amazing team of @VBCF_PlantS produced the perfect rhizobox for our #BIBLOX. #droot #barley #roots VBCF_PlantS photo
3 months ago
The HPC system that @ebirn, @PetarForai, Petar Jager and myself built and been managing for the last 3 years. Quite a bit of blood, sweat and tears went into it but I think in the end it payed off.
3 months ago
FFG #PHENOPlant construction works have started today! Start of operation is planned for March 2021. Stay tuned for updates! #plantphenotyping #PSI @viennabiocenter @VBCF_Tweets @gmivienna
VBCF_PlantS photo
VBCF_PlantS @VBCF_PlantS
Our #FFG application for a multi-sensor & multi-approach high-throughput plant phenotyping platform #PHENOPlant #APPN was approved! Stay tuned for updates! @VBCF_Tweets @viennabiocenter @gmivienna @EMPHASIS_EU @I_P_P_N @lifesciencevie