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@UniofNottingham FREE Online Course on
"Image Analysis for Biologists"

Starting: May 11th

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4 days ago
Starting my day watching @euronewsde - new focus #foodsecurity, drinking my coffee and reading new paper - congratulations to Markus Teige and collegues at #Mosys
Ecogenomics and Systems Biology
@univienna @WeckwerthWolf #plantscience
5 days ago
Preprint from the Becker lab describing a new, deep-learning based phenotyping pipeline for Arabidopsis that uses semantic segmentation to classiy leaves according to their health. The software, araDEEPopsis, is open source, deployable on most computers, and HPC compatible.
2 weeks ago
The 10th @I_P_P_N - 'Imaging for Phenotyping'-Webinar

By: Dr. Alexander Bucksch @koalaspirit ( @universityofga)
Title: Computers, Roots & Big Data from the Field
Moderator: Rick van de Zedde ( @WUR)
When: Friday April 10th / 16.00 (CEST)

More info here:
2 weeks ago
MIAPPE 1.1: major step towards enabling #phenotyping data reusability - community effort supported by @ELIXIREurope , EPPN2020, @EMPHASIS_EU