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20 hours ago
Almost there... #drought stress is doing its job in the @UNTWIST_H2020 focus lines experiment by @AT_Bioresources at #PHENOPlant just before leaf sampling begins. 🌱🏜️🧑‍🔬 #Camelinasativa

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4 days ago
Who’s gonna be drought stressed?
@AT_Bioresources UNTWISTers together with the @VBCF_PlantS team checking the #UNTWIST #camelina focus lines growing at #PHENOPlant one last time before imposing #drought stress 🧐🌱🏜️
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6 days ago
In his paper in @eLife, GMI scientist @PieterClauw hypothesizes that the reduced growth of northern accessions is an adaptive response and a consequence of reallocating resources toward cold acclimation and winter survival. #Population #Genetics VBCF_PlantS photo
7 days ago
The @viennabiocenter PhD Program Autumn call opens 1 Sept.
25 fully-funded positions in the Molecular Biosciences for motivated young researchers in the life sciences.
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@IMPvienna @IMBA_Vienna @gmivienna @MaxPerutzLabs @univienna @MedUni_Wien
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2 weeks ago
Climate adaptation, cold, growth, Arabidopsis. It's out now. Thanks to everyone that helped with this story!
@envelkerdaffrec, Joanna Gunis, Ilka Reichardt, Viktoria Nyzhinska, Stefanie Koemeda, @VBCF_PlantS, @magnusnordborg and constructive reviewers.
3 weeks ago
We are recruiting for a #plantbiology Assistant Professor @salkinstitute Area of interest: interactions of plants&other organisms or communities. Big opportunity for amazing science&lasting impact. Review of applications starts next week! #ScienceJobs VBCF_PlantS photo