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6 days ago
Our master student Madeleine #WomenInSTEM is playing around with our possibilites for #Droot application of #barley in conditions #asnearaspossibletonature. Here with a split root system. Differences in the RSA already visible. VBCF_PlantS photo
3 weeks ago
Prime Editing: Game Changer for Modifying Plant Genomes

Here comes the free download link (before September 3rd) provided by @TrendsPlantSci. Many thanks!

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3 weeks ago
#PHENOBox in action after another upgrade with 850nm IR LEDs & #raspberrypi cam by @SyT_Tech
This time for grapevine & frost stress ❄️ 2020 will certainly become a famous vintage 🥂 (or not) @VBCF_Tweets @gmivienna @viennabiocenter
VBCF_PlantS photo
1 month ago
Professor position in Evolutionary Botany at @univienna! Work right next to botanical garden, and Belvedere Palace (see Klimt and Schiele in your lunch break). Two tram stops from @gmivienna @viennabiocenter. Apply by September 23.
1 month ago
We are still open for abstracts - dealing eg with light perception in #root, methods to grow #roots in darkness, #rootphenotyping, #CellBiology in #droot - minireviews and reviews are welcome - please RT and contact us for feedback if lockdown delays you
1 month ago
The story on expansin-regulated root growth seems to be a bit more complex than thought before. Expansin-controlled cell wall stiffness regulates root growth in Arabidopsis